Man Utd legend Keane big fan of Everton midfielder McCarthy

Manchester United legend Roy Keane is a big fan of Everton midfielder James McCarthy.

Keane is working with McCarthy as Republic of Ireland assistant coach.

ᄀᄚIᄀᆵve seen James a number of times and that will come with age,ᄀᄆ he said. ᄀᄚI was in the same boat myself when I was at Nottingham Forest and youᄀᆵre surrounded by senior players and then you get a move to United.

ᄀᄚYouᄀᆵre working with Bryan Robson and you mature into the job so thatᄀᆵs a process James will go through. Itᄀᆵs nothing unusual for a young player.ᄀᄆ

Keane added: ᄀᄚIf heᄀᆵs playing week in, week out for Everton, the benefits will be for Ireland as well – but donᄀᆵt be trying to make him something heᄀᆵs not, that will take a bit of time.

ᄀᄚHe might never be a ranter or raver but sometimes itᄀᆵs not about that. Itᄀᆵs about making more demands of his team around him or demanding the ball in certain situations.

ᄀᄚAll that will come of age. Donᄀᆵt be impatient with him.ᄀᄆ



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