Man City kid Bersant Celina will choose Kosovo over Norway

Manchester City teenage midfielder Bersant Celina is ready to turn his back on Norway to commit his international future to Kosovo.

With Kosovo not yet officially a member of FIFA or UEFA, his debut wonᄀᆵt formally nail his colours to the mast ᄄC but there is no doubt where his allegiances lie.

ᄀᄚIt was an obvious decision for me to do this ᄄC it just hadnᄀᆵt been clear whether Kosovo would manage to get a national team in previous years,ᄀᄆ he told the Manchester Evening News.

ᄀᄚWhen I heard about it I was really happy and was so keen to come. I actually played for Kosovoᄀᆵs under-20s at a tournament in Switzerland during the summer, and we played against Ghana and Egypt, so I was proud to wear the shirt then and look forward to doing it again.ᄀᄆ



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