Fan feeling guilty over car clamp for Chelsea star Luiz

A London football fan is wracked with guilt this week over Chelsea defender David Luiz’s car clamping.

Part-time actor Colin Newell had been playing an England supporter delaying Luizᄀᆵs journey to the World Cup in Brazil for an airline TV advert.

But fiction turned reality when the Brazilianᄀᆵs car was clamped as Mr Newell asked him to pose for a last-minute snap. The 26-year-old star was left stranded in Charing Cross and the crew had to call a private car to take him to the next location.

Mr Newell, 40, from Haringey, told the London Evening Standard: ᄀᄚI said to him can I have a quick picture after finishing the advert and he forgot about his car.

ᄀᄚWe took the picture and were clowning around for a bit ᄄC heᄀᆵs a bit of a livewire ᄄC and when he went back to it there was a dirty great big yellow clamp on his Range Rover. Those clampers were fast, like ninjas.

ᄀᄚIt was not a nice thing to happen. He had only left it there for five minutes.”



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